X-Men Apocalypse Official Trailer Is Out And Jennifer Lawrence is Ready to become Raven

After the critically acclaimed global hit sensation of the X-Men movie series, award winning director Bryan Singer returns to work on the newest movie in summer 2016 the X-Men Apocalypse.

Watch X-Men Apocalypse Full HD Trailer below

Watch Jennifer Lawrence in the new X-Men Apocalypse Official Trailer in HD

Watch here the X-Men Apocalypse trailer.

Ever since the birth of civilization, Apocalypse was the first and most powerful mutant in the world of X-Men. He captured many of the power and strength of multiple mutants, thus making him immortal and invincible.

After thousands of years of sleep, Apocalypse awakens and sees the world while recruiting a group of dominant mutants like Magneto which is played by actor Michael Fassbender. They both hand in hand cleanse humanity and hope to create a new world order wherein he will reign as the most dominant.

As the fate of the entire world hangs in balance, mutant Raven played by the beautiful and sultry Jennifer Lawrence together with Professor X, portrayed by James McAvoy will lead the team of good and young X-Men to stop their greatest opponent and save the world from total destruction.

Indeed, Jennifer Lawrence is the new and perfit to portray the role of Raven. The X-Men Apocalypse HD trailer has just been released today by 20th Century Fox.

The HD trailer of X-Men Apocalypse has been in many online searches wherein many X-Men fanatics have been waiting for so long.