USS Tucson Submarine from USA docks in Subic Bay

According to the US Embassy, the most powerful nation in the west, the United States of America docked its submarine in Subic Bay, Philippines as part of the Indo-Asia-Pacific deployment activities.

The submarine is named as the USS Tucson (SSN 70) is known to be a Los Angeles-class fast track underwater vehicle and the 59th of its class to be created.

US authorities described the USS Tucson as “one of the stealthiest and most advanced submarines in the world”. Further, it is among the 20 Los Angeles-class speedy submarines to go through improvement.

The fast craft is 360 feet in length that can accommodate up to 150 crew members. It has twelve vertical launch tubes that house the Tomahawk cruise missiles and four torpedo tubes. 

This massive underwater machine is truly armed for numerous missions like, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, strike and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.

Accordingly, the USS Tucson operates in all waters all over the world. The crew will be deployed out in the waters for 11 months.