Mayweather to fight again says Roach

Multi titled coach, Freddie Roach wants to see boxing champ Floyd Mayweather fight again despite the champ's decision to retire.

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However, Roach said a Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch is not possible as of the moment. Instead, he wants "The Money" (Mayweather) to fight his other prized fighter, Miguel Cotto.

Coach Roach is still hopeful that after the Mayweather-Cotto big fight, a Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather rematch would be possible if Floyd is still able to fight.

Mayweather-Cotto Part 1 was already a done fight sometime in 2012 where the brawling American fighter came out victorious. The rematch would definitely be an intense matchup considering that Cotto wants revenge against the american boxing icon.

If Roach wants Mayweather to fight against Cotto, then there is a huge possibility that they may also wound up having a rematch of Pacman and The Money.

Trade Your Sperm To an iPhone 6s in China

Desperate to have a brand new iPhone 6s for free? Are you in China? Worry no more!

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A hospital located in Central China has a lot to offer free iPhone 6s in exchange of sperm cells. In as easy as one, two, three, one can trade their sperm cells to a whopping 503 euro - which is equivalent to a new gadget from Apple - iPhone 6s.

The Chinese Sperm Bank is using the hit social media WeChat in spreading the good news to all 22 to 45 year old males. Once the male donor agrees to the condition of donating their sperm to the bank, they receive such payment.

This kind of marketing strategy by the Chinese government is one desperate move to lessen the sperm shortage in the country.

Manny Pacquiao and Another Joy Foundation Share Blessings

Sarangani's pride and Pound for Pound Champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao along with Another Joy Foundation founder Mr. Alden Crowley, share their bountiful blessings through giving of toys, lots of toys!

Aside from the plentiful toys the Boeing 737 Aircraft was filled with educational materials such as books, storybooks, coloring books, medical supplies and vegetable seeds.

Inside the Boeing 737. Photo courtesy of Ms. Joana Grace Banting Lapore.
The partnership pave the way to bring happiness, joy and hope to the less fortunate children of Sarangani Province and General Santos City, two  places close to the hearts of Pacquiao family.

Another Joy Foundation is from the state of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their mission is to spread love, hope and joy to needy and hopeless children all over the world.

Pacman with Mr. Crowley. Photo courtesy of Ms. Joana Grace Banting-Lapore
What a way to deliver these lovely presents to the kids of Sarangani Province and General Santos City but through the Boeing 737!

Wishing the partnership of Another Joy Foundation and Congressman Manny Pacquaio would soar high and reach many hopeless kids around the globe.

Metta World Peace Gives New Angst to Lakers

Veteran Metta World Peace is back! League sources say that the Los Angeles Lakers is finalizing the return of Metta (AKA Ron Artest) to the L.A. Lakers basketball team. His return to the team along the comeback king Kobe Bryant makes the Lakers one formidable team to beat.

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The return of Metta World Peace gives new angst to the team's coming season in the 2015-2016 NBA Season. With a combination of young breed of talent such as Fil-Am Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle and 2015 Draft Pick No. 2, D'Angelo Russel.

These rookies will be guided, trained and mentored by no other than arguably one of the best basketball player in the world, Kobe Bryant.

MWP's return will complement talents of Roy Hibber at center and Brandon Bass at power forward. His return will surely revive the hunger and passion to win the NBA Championship.

Gilas Pilipinas Lambasted Kuwait

With the Gilas soaring at the right time, nothing and no one could stop them! They routed Kuwait nationals to a 110-64 final score. It was a a game that showcased how Gilas can rout any team in the Group B tournament of FIBA Asia.

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The win gave the Gilas Pilipinas squad the edge over other Group B teams as they qualify to the 2nd round of the tournament. They will face Iran, Japan and India in the second phase of the tournament.

The win was sparked by Terrence Romeo, who gunned in 19 points. While veteran Asi Taulava grabbed 10 rebounds to finished the game. Gilas squad was also shooting two pointers on a high note with 32 of its 57 shot attempts went inside the basket.

The win was indeed a domination nobody really expected. Gilas Pilipinas! Laban Pilipinas! Puso!

Gilas Battles Middle East Giant Kuwait

Win an almost picture perfect win yesterday against Asian neighbor Hong Kong, Gilas Pilipinas is expected to show the same intensity, dedication and pride as they battle Kuwait today, September 25, 2015 at 4:30 in the afternoon, Manila time.

The Gilas mainstays headed by Andre Blatche, Terrence Romeo, Calvin Abueva, Ranidel De Ocampo and Marc Pingris must keep their composure against the taller Kuwait. A win today will make the Gilas hopefuls one step closer to the finals.

If the Gilas Pilipinas will win at the afternoon tip-off, they will be headed straight to the 2nd Round of the FIBA Asia Championship Tournament.

The opening match defeat against the Palestine National team made the Gilas cry for more win as they gave the Hong Kong nationals a very devastating loss. So, to all Filipino and Gilas fans, Laban Pilipinas! Puso!

Man Buns: A No-No to Dermatologists

Man buns. Man ponytails. Whatever the public may wish to call this hair pulled into a knot style has taken the hair fashion trend tremendously. Of course, there's not exactly a definite "Man Bun Academy" that gives statistical facts about how this hair trend has taken its toll, there is a decisive mark that these so-called "Man Buns" are flocking many colleges and universities around the globe.

While many young heartthrob gives this look a trendy feel, someone who sports this kind of hairdo should definitely read what modern scientist fear about.

So what's really gotten these scientists cracking? The common Traction Alopecia. According to a renowned dermatologists from Jackson, Mississippi, Doctor Sabra Sullivan, this kind of condition causes acute baldness around the forehead and temples. This is due to long periods of time that the hair is pulled up.

Once the hair follicles are being pulled longer and tighter, it causes traction that the hair is not meant to take. This kind of acute baldness is becoming more common to most men who do the famous Man Bun.

However, it is not only the Man Bun that creates this kind of consequences. Dermatologists have reiterated that any kind of hairdo that creates too much hair pulling, tightening whether you are a man or woman, it could seriously cause long-term damage to your hair follicle resulting to acute baldness.

But, if sporting a Man Bun doesn't give you fear from getting Traction Alopecia, you might want to consider your ponytail a bit loose so as not to undergo any hair growing treatment in the long run.

Remember, that any kind of hairstyle you wish to display will not hinder anyone to stop you. Just bun yourself safely!