Roxas Camp Says Duterte May Have Mistaken Roxas for Marcos' Academic Credentials at Oxford and Wharton where it is being questioned

The allies of Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas reacted with incredulity at Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s claim that indeed Mar Roxas is not an Economics graduate of Wharton School.

Team Daang Matuwid coalition spsokeperson and Akbayan Partylist Representtive Barry Gutierrez said that Roxas’ school credentials are very well documented and that he was shocked that anyone like Duterte would make such issue.

According to the good representative, Duterte is clearly confused about reality. It was just recently that Roxas questioned the peace and order of Davao City saying it was a myth.

In the local television show from Davao, Duterte reiterated that Roxas’ name is not included in the list of people who graduated from the four or five year course of Economics in Wharton School. Duterte even challenged Roxas to show his graduation picture with his mother.

Gutierrez challenged Duterte
Gutierrez even called Duterte’s claim a mere bluff and made a counter-challenge. He challenges Duterte to produce names of the people he claimed he had killed in the past once Roxas produces his graduation photo.

Roxas’ school credentials
Manual “Mar” Roxas II is a former investment banker in New York before he entered politics and graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1979.

In fact, an official university archive website included Roxas in the school’s notable alumni which served the foreign government.

Gutierrez added that Davao City Mayor may have mistaken Roxas for Senator Bongbong Marcos, wherein Marcos’ academic credentials at Oxford and Wharton is publicly questioned.