New Zealand Will Change Their National Flag

New Zealand displays the newest possible national flag with a blue and black design associated with a silver fern.

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The flag above is the preliminary winner which is entitled "The Silver Fern". This new design is the preliminary winner in a referendum conducted by the New Zealand government. The runner-up for the flag design has also almost the same design but showcased the colors red, white and blue.

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The flag design above is the first runner-up among the two designs submitted by Kyle Lockwood.

Authorities will announce the winner on Tuesday when all votes from late and overseas voters are casted. The result will also change soon after all votes are counted since the winning margin is very narrow.

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Meanwhile, the  photo above is the second runner-up which is known as the Red Peak. It was originally designed by Aaron Dustin. This is the design that was popular on social media sites.

However, there will still be a second referendum to be held sometime in March 2016 to decide whether the winner of the new flag design will be used or just to keep the existing national flag.

New Zealand residents were asked to vote among five flag designs for their most preferred flag. Voting resulted in about 48 percent of eligible individuals during the first referendum which has resulted in various criticisms due to the timing and the cost of the referendum.

National Flag Designers
The preliminary winner and runner up national flag designs were made by architect Kyle Lockwood. His design featured the icons of New Zealand which are the silver fern and the Southern Cross. Meanwhile, the second runner-up was the Red Peak, which was just added to the official balloting after residents lobbied for it to be included in the referendum.

The 5 National Flag Finalists

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Who backed the national flag change?
Prime Minister John Key has a lot to say in deciding to choose a new flag for their country. He manifested that the existing national flag was too similar to that of the Australian flag and that it is high time to remove the Union Jack from the design.

Engaging countrymen

The government was happy on the turnout of the voting which resulted in high expectations which showed that the New Zealanders are engaged in the decision of changing the design of their national flag.