Russia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea donate sculptures during APEC 2015

Before the end of a long weekend in Manila, Philippines to attend the 2015 APEC Summit several leaders donated memorabilia to the APEC Garden. Among the APEC leaders who donated sculptures were from Russia, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

a bear sculpture with Russian symbols - photo courtesy of @TourismPHL
Russia donated a symbolic bear sculpture with engraved Russian symbols in it. Even long before, a bear symbolizes Russia according to history.

a young shoot sculpture - photo courtesy of @TourismPHL
Meanwhile, Vietnam's leader also donated a sculpture bearing a young shoot design. It symbolizes resiliency from all adversities that the country experiences.

a sculpture of a Cassowary - photo courtesy of @TourismPHL
Just like any APEC member country, Papua New Guinea also donated a symbolic Cassowary sculpture. This is believed to be a flightless native bird that can be seen in the islands of Papua New Guinea.

courtesy of TourismPHL