Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Philippine Government: Solutions are being developed with regard to exported trash

One of the youngest Prime Ministers, PM Justin Trudeau of Canada said that they are developing solutions to address the issue on the tons of waste a Canadian company exported to the Philippines.

Protesters show off their dismay over Canada exported wastes - photo courtesy of

During a press conference right after the APEC Summit held in the Philippines, Prime Minister Trudeau was publicly asked queries with regard to the container vans shipped in the country in the year 2013 wherein up until now no solution was made.

According to the good Prime Minister, he was made aware of the happening and said there were “loopholes that were allowed to be skirted” which led to the negative situation.

He also added that an on-going Canadian solution is on the process of being developed. He reiterated that the said solution is on a “moving forward” direction wherein if a similar situation ever happens again, his government has the command to mandate action from responsible companies.

It has been noted that over the past years, Philippine legislators and environmental watchmen have literally spoken against the illegal waste being shipped to the country and pressed the Canadian government to take them back as soon as possible.

courtesy of GMA News