Over P1 Million Meralco Unpaid Bill, Electricity cut off in Iglesia Ni Cristo

Months after the issues loomed around the religious sect of Iglesia Ni Crsito (INC), the main gate of the Manalo sibling compound in Quezon City are surrounded with security guards, additional CCTV cameras were installed and a portable toilet blocks the main gate.

And now, electricity is totally cut off in the address No. 36, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. This is where two estranged Manalo siblings Angel and Lottie are currently held up for several months now. Angel and Lottie Manalo were both expelled from the very politically influential church in the Philippines.

The power interruption is just among the series of moves that target to force them out of the Manalo compound.

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) send a notice of disconnection to INC which states the electricity cut-off date on September 29, 2015 with a tantamaount bill amounting to P1,388,950.59.  However, it was not disconnected not until last December 1, 2015.

But representatives from Meralco manifested that they were not the one who cut off the electricity line in Tandang Sora. According to a source, the bill covered other areas inside the INC central compound that have ballooned to more than a million pesos due to unpaid bills since September.

Another expelled INC minister Isaias Samson, Jr. revealed that the Manalo residence electricity line is connected to the central office, saying there is also a submeter that could give electricity to the Tandang Sora residence. But, according to him the submeter was surrounded by a fence to prevent others from using it. He also added that the electricity submeter line is once in a while cut off. But sad to say, on December 1, it was completely cut off.

Residents Complains
The residents in the compound are complaining the electricity cut-off since the Meralco bill was specifically made in the name of the INC and not to the No. 36 Tandang Sora address.
Residents also questioned why their residence was only cut-off but the guardhouse in the main gate has still electricity.
Who will pay the bill?

The big question now is, who is responsible to pay for the bill, the residents of 36 Tandang Sora or the Iglesia Ni Cristo that is written on the Meralco bill?

Source: rappler.com