Man Buns: A No-No to Dermatologists

Man buns. Man ponytails. Whatever the public may wish to call this hair pulled into a knot style has taken the hair fashion trend tremendously. Of course, there's not exactly a definite "Man Bun Academy" that gives statistical facts about how this hair trend has taken its toll, there is a decisive mark that these so-called "Man Buns" are flocking many colleges and universities around the globe.

While many young heartthrob gives this look a trendy feel, someone who sports this kind of hairdo should definitely read what modern scientist fear about.

So what's really gotten these scientists cracking? The common Traction Alopecia. According to a renowned dermatologists from Jackson, Mississippi, Doctor Sabra Sullivan, this kind of condition causes acute baldness around the forehead and temples. This is due to long periods of time that the hair is pulled up.

Once the hair follicles are being pulled longer and tighter, it causes traction that the hair is not meant to take. This kind of acute baldness is becoming more common to most men who do the famous Man Bun.

However, it is not only the Man Bun that creates this kind of consequences. Dermatologists have reiterated that any kind of hairdo that creates too much hair pulling, tightening whether you are a man or woman, it could seriously cause long-term damage to your hair follicle resulting to acute baldness.

But, if sporting a Man Bun doesn't give you fear from getting Traction Alopecia, you might want to consider your ponytail a bit loose so as not to undergo any hair growing treatment in the long run.

Remember, that any kind of hairstyle you wish to display will not hinder anyone to stop you. Just bun yourself safely!